Weekly Photo Challenge: Names


Names: I was given the name “Teresita.” I’ve been called “Teresa,” “Tessie,” “Teserita”—you get the drift—no one could properly pronounce it. My first grade teacher decided to nickname me “Terry” (which I spell “Tere”), and my father upon reading a note on one of my papers from the teacher, exclaimed, “Terry! Your name is not Terry! You tell your teacher that your name is Teresita!”

Daily Gratitude: sweeping and salting my elderly neighbor’s porch and seeing her smile; watching Downton Abbey reruns; a dusting of snow

Quote of the Day: Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names. ~Japanese proverb

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

  1. My mama (maternal grandma) was christened Lizzie, but didn’t like it, so used to sometimes pretend to be called Elizabeth. Her friends and family called her Babs, which meant baby. This name lasted until she passed away in her 90s, despite the birth of a younger brother.

    • Susan,
      Names, nicknames–all funny. If you own a pet, think of all the nicknames you give it! My daughter-in-law is from Thailand, and when they become “of age,” they pick new names! Happy New Year!

  2. I know you pain. My name is Liesbet, which is a Dutch name spelled in a Flamish way. Nobody in English speaking countries can pronounce it right. Not even my American husband. And, my mother-in-law spelled it wrong for two years before you got it right. 🙂

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