Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon


Ravenna Mosaic Art School, Ravenna, Italy

New Horizon: I enrolled in a Standard Intensive Mosaic course at the Mosaic Art School in Ravenna, Italy, this past November. I learned the ancient method of cutting marble, stone, and smalti with a hammer and hardie (above left) and applying a design to lime putty. Even with an afternoon of practice, it was difficult for us novices to cut the materials into uniform tesserae and even more tedious to cut triangles when needed. During class, I silently prayed to my Mosaic Madrina to assist me in making clean cuts and not hammer the precious materials into sand!

This year, I hope to gain more experience in cutting tesserae and possibly perfecting my mosaic art pieces.

Daily Gratitude: writing notes to friends and family on the Christmas cards; seeing an unrecognizable bird atop our cedar tree; a cozy fire

Quote of the Day: Opportunity is a bird that never perches. ~ Claude McDonald

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