Weekly Photo Challenge:



A memory about Shine:

Every Saturday night, my brother, sister, and I were responsible for polishing our shoes for church. We’d lay newspaper on the kitchen floor, place our shoes atop the paper, and shine our shoes. When the shoe polish cap was unscrewed, a thin, metal rod was attached to the cap’s underside and at the other end a cotton ball dripping with polish. In the morning, we’d find that our shoes’ sole edges were stuck to the newspaper and we’d spend the better part of breakfast trying to remove it.

Oftentimes, I’d notice those pieces of newspaper during mass, and I found that I’d rather that preoccupy my mind than the gospel. 


Daily Gratitude: my six-day old cold beginning to abate; seeing birds flitting by the living room window as I lie here with my box of tissues; listening to British accents

Quote of the Day: unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light. ~Evelyn Dunbar


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