Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


During the 50s, I spent my entire primary school years, most impressionable years, living in Honolulu. So palm trees always remind me of Hawaii. Always will. Always will be.

The neighborhood boys were always trying to climb those towering trees and as I recall, some were successful—like my brother. The object was to try and loosen one of the coconuts even though they would fall eventually when they ripened. But it was a weekly, if not sometimes daily, challenge. 

And when no one was around, I’d take off my “go-heads” and have a go at it. (Everyone used to call flip-flops “go-heads” which was an evolved version of “go aheads” because living at the beach always left wet feet behind while the sandal, which Hawaiians now call “slippah,” would “go ahead” of the foot.)

I never did conquer the toe-splitting task although I did make it halfway up a few times on the palms whose trunks were half bent, kind of a cheat but not to a seven-year old. So whenever I see a palm tree, no matter where in the world I am, I will always think of my childhood in Honolulu. Always will. Always will be. Amen.

Daily Gratitude: another great volunteer session at school—children never seem to amaze me, love to see their spark; seeing a former student, grown and with children of his own AND getting a big hug; smiles from an old friend

Quote of the Day: What is the charm that makes old things so sweet? ~Sarah Doudney, “Between the Lights,” c.1875
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