Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest


Off of Fox Island, Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska

While looking seemingly calm in the waters rounding Fox Island in Resurrection Bay— the paddle back was less so. It was one of the only two brilliantly blue and sunny days during our vacation in Alaska, which was quite delicious to us as we were having a wickedly hot summer back East.

The paddle out and around to the Sandspit Point Marine Park was fairly easy, but as soon as we crossed Eldorado Narrows where the inlet waters come rushing in, the paddle became a bit more challenging as the tide and the breeze were working against us.

We did a quick loop of some smaller coves around Resurrection Peninsula, and then moored our boats at the spit for a twenty minute respite. At this time, my forearms felt a tad tight. After becoming reenergized with a light snack and water and a stretch of our legs and some quick photos, we headed back to calm Sunny Cove of Fox Island.

Once away from the spit, the tide was pushing us towards Seward, but we wanted to paddle left and then into the opposite direction of the tide; herein lay the challenge.  By now, my forearms were burning as I tried to do my part in our QUEST to reach shore, but the best I could do was dip my paddle in every so often—I must have certainly looked the pathetic creature as I left Dapper G to do all the hard work!

We finally rounded the bend into the cove and dock, so I tried desperately to muster my best to help Dapper G bring us into shore.

Boy, was I exhausted! I was actually questioning my ability to exit the kayak, walk up the small, stony incline to solid ground while carrying the paddles back to the shed and finally to a most welcoming bench. While the thought did cross my mind, crawling in front of the young and vibrant Belgian fellow paddlers was out of the question!

Funny, though, how the beauty, splendor, and quiet of the wilderness surrounding our journey outweighed my quivering arms and fatigued body.

Daily Gratitude: donating supplies to my former school; working with middle-schoolers; receiving a cheery, “No, thank you!” when I asked if a woman with a walker needed assistance

Quote of the Day: Say it, reader. Say the word “quest” out loud. It is an extraordinary word, isn’t it? So small and yet so full of wonder, so full of hope.          ~Kate DiCamillo

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