Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare


Chanticleer Gardens

Chanticleer Garden is one of my favorite garden destinations. If it weren’t almost two hours away, I would visit more often. The gardens are laid out in such a way that one must meander through the winding paths… and often off the trails to get a better view, to trigger my long-term memory for the name of the flower, to touch, to smell., to delight. While walking downhill and giving all my attention to a field of pink and white fleabane to the right, I could see an imposing cloud of white out of the corner of my eye. Crossing the path, I beheld a small grove of giant snowball bushes without one branch to spare for another flower head.

Daily Gratitude: a relaxing day on the beach with a good friend and a breeze; beet seedlings looking healthier; starting a new novel!

Quote of the Day: Give, but, if possible, spare the poor man the shame of begging. ~Diderot

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