Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony


Sometimes it’s just kismet: I’ll be driving in my car on some back, country road on the way to somewhere, on an errand, keeping an appointment, in quest of some particular trifle, and I come across a scene so incredibly striking that I have to pull over to witness it up close.

Is it the harmony of the flowers against the sky, or the complimentary colors of pink and green? Perhaps it is simply the field of flowers, the sky, and me “forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”

Daily Gratitude: blueberry pancakes; the quiet an early snowfall leaves behind; blood red oranges

Quote of the Day: With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things                                  ~William Wordsworth

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

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  2. I love the Wordsworth quote and I know just what you mean about being compelled to pull over. Unfortunately, we live in a suburb (a very nice one, but still city) and often there isn’t time or place to pull over. This is even more true when traveling cross-country on the interstate. I’ve seen so many shots that called to me, but there isn’t a good place to stop even if I could stop in time. Ahh, well, I just need to get on more country roads. Your shot is beautiful, but the perspective is what makes it special.


    • Janet,
      I understand what you mean about traveling the interstate. We just traveled by way of the Blue Ridge Mountains and there isn’t one place to pull over! I would have loved a “lookout” over some of the beautiful valleys that we saw. For now, I’ll stick to our old country roads! Pasa buen dia!

      • When we’re traveling over hundreds of miles, the interstate, for better or worse, is the only way to go unless we have unlimited time. When I drive from Chicago to Philly (12+ hours), I can do it myself in a day, but not if I didn’t have the interstate. Pros and cons, right?

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