Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Bright Angel Trail, Grand  canyon

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

There are many switchbacks as you descend the first four, elevated miles of the Bright Angel Trail with an average descent to the river between four to six hours. All the hikers who descend and return on the Bright Angel Trail, making way for burros, stopping often to rest, laying aside their fears, are an inspiration to me. Next trip to the Southwest, I will attempt this hike!

Daily Gratitude: remembering my mother-in-law’s enthusiasm for life; spending time with Carl, Sari & Sarah; tending to the green beings in the garden

Quote of the Day: When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.                                      ~Lao Tzu

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. I wish I could do that hike. If I ever overcome my fear of heights, I will definitely do it with you! Which brings me to your quote – very inspiring – and at this junture in my life, I’m using it for reflection.

    Your in-laws had an amazing story and life together. May they rest in true peace and know that they will be loved always.

    • I am going to help you overcome your fear of heights. That climb at Bandelier, 131 ft., was me overcoming fear of heights; although my fear isn’t as intense as yours. Once you do it, you will become almost fearless of other challenges.

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