Weekly Photo Challenge: Close-Up


Daily Gratitude: family; great All-About-Ben Day with Janet; first Monarch sighting of the summer

Quote of the Day: What looks large from a distance, close up ain’t never that big. ~Bob Dylan

Get Close-Up to these photos →


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close-Up

  1. Nice photo ….A question petal pusher….. How do you respond when someone wants their persona that you have captured deleted from your personal blog space? If it is significant to your post and you cannot crop the photo, do you remove it or leave it?

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  3. Black on yellow – nice contrast to bring out the detail in the bug – excellent photo… I haven’t seen many butterflies this season, maybe I haven’t been looking closely enough. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Nicely done! I haven’t seen a monarch yet, but I noticed last year that they arrived here rather late. It’ll be interesting to see when they come this year.

    • i was lucky with the swallowtails last year–the caterpillars devoured my fennel but hardly a monarch showing. So the two were a pretty good sign– simple pleasures, right?

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