Creative Thinkers Inspire Ideas

This is how it began:

Avi working.

Avi working.

Me to niece, Avi, “What is that thing on your head?”

32a9ddb85b9ef37eb2ca7ec614efc4fcAvi: A year ago, I made a hooded-scarf from remnants of beloved old sweaters. It felt cozy and warm, and when I put it on, a quiet sense of courage and completeness flowed through my body. When I wore it out into the world, people noticed, and they’d ask, “What is that? I want one!” I heard the same thing from each person who tried it on:

“It feels like a hug.” and “I feel like a warrior.” 

Today, Avi created her company, 1622750_601194333340169_5622470938837346483_n

and began her Kickstarter Campaign last week.

Christmas is near—wouldn’t your loved one look great (and stay warm) in one of these mantles?

Made is U.S.A. • Upcycled Buttons • Natural Alpaca • Organic Cotton Tags


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