The Marriage Of Our Spirits: An Evening With Peter Yarrow


Peter Yarrow

Peter Yarrow with his arm around me!

When I saw the advertisement featuring Peter Yarrow, I knew I had to see him. I missed the trio at Kennett Square and scolded myself for having missed them because Mary Travers died shortly after that.

I recall singing 500 Miles on the bus coming home from basketball games—almost the entire bus, basketball players and all, singing; singing If I Had A Hammer at family picnics where my Father would try to sneak in a Harry Belafonte album as he wasn’t overly fond of Peter, Paul, and Mary;  singing Leaving On A Jet Plane in LaVon’s old Chrysler that had a push-button transmission—she used to make me nervous between pushing buttons for the gears, radio, and that damned cigarette lighter which were all in the same general vicinity.

I remember every lyric, so does Dapper G, so did the audience and almost everyone I know who grew up in the 60s.

What Peter Does Best

What Peter Does Best

Before each song, he gave the audience a short history of the meaning that inspired the lyrics, and he urged us to sing along. Or, rather, we could not help but to sing along which seemed to have given him much pleasure. He even asked the audience what it felt like after we had sung our first song together. 

“In one word what did you feel while singing the song?”  he asked.

And we replied, “Community.” “Love.” “Inspiration.”

I thought, “Happiness.” Who wouldn’t be happy joining in song with such an iconic figure?

Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon

At the time Peter, Paul & Mary were a forceful paradigm for folk singing about social, cultural, and political issues at the forefront of our lives; therefore, important to us all—that’s what many of us remember, that’s what I remember. And Peter, with his gentle voice, did share his thoughts on The Civil Rights Movement, The Cold War, Nuclear Plants, Fracking, Climate Change, The Vietnam War, and… Bullying. He’s still an activist.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

I was thrilled to have spent an evening with Peter, sitting alongside Dapper G, and crooning the songs of our young adulthood. Each melody uncovering long forgotten memories of that era.

Many of the entertainers with whom I spent my childhood are aging or have died: Barry White, John Ritter, Troy Donahue, George Harrison, Etta James, Richard Harris, Sandra Dee, Dudley Moore, Alec Guiness, Katharine Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Marlon Brando, Janet Leigh, Robert Palmer, Johnny Cash, Ricardo Montalbon, Luther Vandross, Eartha Kitt, Isaac Hayes, Michael Jackson…

I can’t help but feel a sense of loss and do not want to lose the impression of something that I can no longer see, but I know that the union of our spirits will be forever joined.

Daily Gratitude: a nice run through the Songbird Trail at Forsythe Wildlife Refuge; cranberry bread pudding; positive energy

Quote of the Day: What we remember from childhood we remember forever — permanent ghosts, stamped, inked, imprinted, eternally seen. ~Cynthia Ozick

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2014.



7 thoughts on “The Marriage Of Our Spirits: An Evening With Peter Yarrow

  1. I remember Puff well, I used to sing along to a “45” on my little record
    player. I haven’t sung this song in so many years…. thanks for a wonderful smile. 😀

  2. I loved the Peter, Paul and Mary songs…and still do! Your insights and impressions in this post feel, to me, a bit similar to something my 98 year old aunt just wrote 2 weeks ago, about a nursery rhyme she and her sister (my mother) used to say……oh, don’t those “memories” resonate with so much of our spirits? … what she and you wrote have a bit of the poignant sense of longing in “one more time, let me kiss you,” from “leaving on a jet plane” Here it is…please feel free to remove this link…

    • Kathy,
      Yes! I do have a sense of longing, as I get older, to hang onto those memories. But now rather look at it as though we are all spiritually connected and always will be. Thank you for your comments.

      • Yes, as I get older, I have a deepening sense that there’s a precious and continuing “marriage of our spirits”… (Oh, I missed that that was from another special PPand M song! )…. amongst our loved ones and all people. But, at times, it seems to feel like others are “leaving on their own jet planes” so I try to keep the awareness of that continuing loving connection in my heart and mind. I guess maybe “marriage of our spirits” offers deeper wisdom to the “loss” ideas in “leaving on a jet plane”… ( Okie’s post and words from yesterday have stirred up a bunch of tender feelings in me… aren’t the bonds/connections of “love” amazing??? )

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