It’s Lobstah, Not Lobster!



Boy, have I been a truant blogger this past month. Truth is not because of the holiday frivolities like over-eating (not me!) but my little trusty notebook died. So, I was trying to answer emails, put in my time on FB, and play the maximum games of Words With Friends on my iPhone! And not one minute of it was fun—trying to read emails with my iPhone shoved into my face was tedious, taxing to say the least.

So I busied myself with other activities like painting, thus the lobster above. I know, it is an odd subject to paint, but living here “at the shore” anything beachy or nautical is highly desirable. Now if I can only sell it . . .

Well, I’m trying to learn all of the new “hand gestures” (as Apple calls them) of my new MacBook Air and realize after having multiple pages of the same things open, that I need to take a class. I mean, I know plenty of hand gestures, something I’ve learned from growing up with a bunch of Italian friends, but Apple has all my paisons beat hands down (this movement will allow you to View Mission Control on the Mac). Let’s see if this post ever makes it to the airwaves.

While I was away I’ve had some nice comments on past blogs and won a blogging award from Cayman Thorn at Drinks Well With Others—the Oscar Wilde of Lancaster, a clever genius with words (If you haven’t read him, you are deprived)! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So, I’m back and if the sun ever decides to make an appearance, I shall be posting new photos!

Daily Gratitude: spring-like temperatures; a walk on the boardwalk; Dusty Miller, my gentle kitty

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2013.

Quote of the Day for YOU: Be yourself, everybody else is already taken. ~Oscar Wilde


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