Let’s Go To Heaven In These Cars: Los Coches de Cuba

1. 1958 Ford Fairlane

We never imagined that there would be tens of thousands of vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles in Cuba until we saw it for ourselves.

2. 1952, Chevrolet Deluxe

We’d entertain ourselves by hanging out in front of our hotel to snap photos or ask the drivers what year their cars were. One of the guys on our tour would run out into the street, stop the driver, and take a picture! (Americano loco!)

3. Year? Ford Model?

Cubans buy the cars for 10-20,000₱ (Cuban Pesos) which is equal to $1.08 U.S. Most use them as taxis and also serve as their personal vehicles.

4. 1956 Chevrolet Model?

Many of the tourists, especially the men, were really reliving their pasts last week. I felt like I was an actress in an old movie, the setting equally as old or older.

5. 1957 Chevrolet Be1l Air

In order to keep these cars running, the owners have to be very inventive since they cannot get parts from the U.S.—I really admire their tenacity.

6. Year? Cadillac Model?

We took an hour-long cruise in a red and white 1958 Oldsmobile convertible. The driver, Papo, told us that his family owned the car for which they paid 30,000₱. It was well-kept: the dashboard waxed, the chrome shiny, and the leather—soft and supple.

7 & 8 Year? Make? Model?

The cars were not the only things endearing, to me, about Cuba . . . but more on that later.

And, hey, if you can help me out with the year, make and model of any of these cars—comment with the information!

Daily Gratitude: sleeping in; my cuddly kitty; catching-up with mi amigas

Quote of the Day for YOU: Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.  ~Doug Larson

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19 thoughts on “Let’s Go To Heaven In These Cars: Los Coches de Cuba

    • Kathy,
      thanks for asking. There is a lot of damage at the marinas down the street. Our favorite breakfast place had a couple feet of water in it. Ocean City (across the bridge from me and where I taught) is devastated. There is still water in the streets and so much sand that they are cancelling school the rest of the week. So many people without power, but we never lost ours. We took all the food from the restaurant( that didn’t go bad) to one of the churches who is housing the homeless from Atlantic City. Things are really bad. Thanks for checking in. XX))

      • Oh, thanks so much for your update… it sounds like there’s lots of variation, but many places really bad. My heart goes out to everyone. It sounds like communities will pull together and get through this together…please take very good care…xoxo

  1. #1 58 ford fairlane, #2 51 chevy #3 39 Ford (my mom had one)#4 56 Chevy, #5 57 Chevy #6 Cadillac appears to be an old ambulance #7 51 and 52 chevies

  2. I heard there is a huge market for these cars in the USA as dealers are coming to buy them up…. Hope NOT!!! I still want to visit Cuba and see these old time warped cars. 😉

  3. Wow…great cars in great shape! A bit of “guessing/hunches” from h. #1 late 50’s ford? #3 48 or 49 Plymouth or Mercury? #7 with split windshield, 51 Chevy? #8 53 Chevy?
    Ahhh…h. does appreciated looking at such vintage cars…(ummm, wait a minute!… those cars were made AFTER h. and I were born…vintage?!?!?…very cool cars! 😀 )

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