My Lavender Bike with the Yellow Plaid Bell Through a Very Old Screen Door

Chalfonte Hotel, Circa 1876 , Cape May

Our three-hour bike ride through Cape May didn’t glean many photos as there was heavy cloud cover until I glimpsed at my lavender bike with the yellow plaid bell through the old screen door.

The Chalfonte Hotel is located on a beach block in Cape May and has the most incredible Southern food.

Daily Gratitude: cloudy day–praying for rain; getting my Backyard Habitat Certification; the arrival of The Niece and Friend

Quote of the Day for YOU: Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.  ~Chinese Proverb


17 thoughts on “My Lavender Bike with the Yellow Plaid Bell Through a Very Old Screen Door

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      • Yes, I saw that. An interesting concept but I’ll take a wait and see approach on the availablity on usable lenses, something I think is very important. But with some quality glass and Canons usual image quality it should be a nice system. Gotta love the gear choices these days.

  2. your photo reminds me of screen doors from my childhood….with my bike just outside waiting for our next adventure….bell ringing…”here I come, here I come” And the ending quote…oh, wonderful!…combining green…a color that feels like gentleness in/of my own heart…and singing birds…welcoming them in…that’s a wonderful quote. : )

    • Wow, Kathy. What a lovely comment! Aside: Gene and his brother constructed a very heavy door to look old. We even bought old hinges so that it would bang when you let it go. I loved that door.

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