The Process and Pleasure of Painting

rough sketch

I used one of my photos as inspiration for my Hibiscus ala Georgia O’KeeffeThis photo shows a rough sketch done with a brush, a water-color effect.

another day, another view

I was quite pleased with the progress on the second day and was going to stop here–just an impressionistic view.

doing a “walk around”

I like to do a walk-around to see how different it looks at various angles. Will it still catch the eye? How does it make me feel? Is it flat? Does it speak?


After several sittings, of which sometimes I only spend a few minutes, I am finally making progress.

Now for the details . . .

Those 90° temperatures forced me indoors and what a better and more therapeutic way to spend them!


One doesn’t have to like these types of paintings like Georgia and I do. It’s quite simply, for me, the sheer pleasure I get from painting.

Daily Gratitude: a 3-hour bike ride; fresh tuna; the company of a good friend

Quote of the Day for YOU: The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.  ~Germaine Greer (This one’s for you, Lisa, Woman Wieldng Words.)


29 thoughts on “The Process and Pleasure of Painting

  1. What a fantastic painting. I am so impressed. I paint occasionally, but it’s definitely not my gift. I certainly seems to be one of yours. Well done!

  2. I love this…both the process and the painting not to mention the homage to Georgia O’Keefe. Delightful work all round. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a great series and a beautiful end result. You are a talented painter. I could never grasp painting for some reason but give me a pencil or charcoal and I’m good! I’ll have to try a similar effort some day, if I can find one of my photos worthy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I really love this painting (as well as the photograph). I’ve always loved Georgia O’Keefe. I would hang this with pride. You are so talented! Thanks for another perfect quote of the day, too. Spontaneity seems to be the answer I seek.

  5. Thank you for the linking my blog page. I appreciate your state of mind in regard to your paintings. It’s quite lovely and you appreciate the PROCESS of painting. The process can be as valuable or more so, than the end result, to the artist. 🙂

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