How to Filet a Flounder Jersey Style

Last Sunday was another lovely day at the shore and because it was Sunday, we went 10 miles off shore to go fishing to avoid all the bay, boat traffic.

Dapper G is a great fisherman–everyone knows that, and on this particular day he caught three flounder while I read The Hunger Games in the bow of the boat. (I wanted to see what all the buzz was about.)

1. Rinse off the fish. I suppose he does this to rid the fish of any blood that may have remained after having removed the hook. While Dapper G  he is busy doing this, the gulls await  . . .

2. With the filet knife, cut a diagonal line just below the gill stopping at the bone. Passersby will usually stop by to watch or to ask, “How big?” Geez, such a guy thing!

3. Slide the tip of the filet knife along the lower part of the fish separating it from the lower fin. Repeat for the dorsalWhile Dapper is busy, I am trying to think of how to prepare the fish or , rather, how he’s going to prepare it as it would make the fourth time in a week that we’ve eaten flounder for dinner 😦 (Truthfully, I am thinking pasta.)

4. Once the filet is cut loose from the fin, take the knife until reaching the spine and slice down to the tail. Next, flip it over to the skin side, and in one slice separate it from the skin. Fact: flounder don’t have much flavor, so one really has to find different recipes especially when you eat as much as we do. I, personally, like it fried–a no-no for us as we don’t eat fried foods.

5. Holding down the tail, slide the knife down the width of the fish separating the filet from the bones. Fact: here in New Jersey, flounder have to be 18″ before you can keep them. Wildlife regulations are important to insure future populations.

6. Next victim! 

Daily Gratitude: a lovely day at Bowman’s Wildflower Preserve; coconut dream cake; more cucumbers from the vine

Quote of the Day for YOU: Last year I went fishing with Salvador Dali.  He was using a dotted line.  He caught every other fish.  ~Steven Wright


8 thoughts on “How to Filet a Flounder Jersey Style

  1. Cool. I’ve only fileted (not sure if I’m using the correct grammar here? fileted?) a flounder once and a lot of the meat got away…, but I used the leftovers to boil stock, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

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  3. You’re bringing back some great memories of fishing with my brother (off the Jersey shore), and catching the biggest flounder he’d ever seen (and he’s a good fisherman too). It’s a good thing he knows how to filet them, cos I don’t. I’ll have to bookmark this page for future use (going to see my brother this week). Nicely done. 🙂

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