80 Eagle Nesting Sites in New Jersey!

We took a boat ride Sunday morning to find this eagle’s nest that a crabber friend told Dapper G about.

The eaglets were quite large already and one kept trying his wings out. We were surprised to see that there weren’t any nesting materials on the stand as the ospreys do. 

They are certainly an awesome sight to behold–I just hope everyone heeds the federal warning signs.

 Daily Gratitude: grilled chicken, parsley potato salad, and mandarin orange carrot cake

Quote of the Day for You: A bird does not sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song.  ~Chinese Proverb

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17 thoughts on “80 Eagle Nesting Sites in New Jersey!

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  2. That’s an amazing photo! …
    I’ve watched an eagle family on a live cam for the past 3 years…on Hornby Island in British Columbia. The first little eagle, from 2010, completely stole my heart…and last year’s eaglets, were so precious too. This year the cam is further away, so we aren’t as intimately involved with their growth. I would LOVE to get as close to some eagle parents and eaglets as you were on Sunday! How remarkable!
    ( I even made photo pages of the Hornby Eaglets…like an auntie or grandma…I was so enthralled by them! http://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/hornby-eagle-baby-eagle-hatching-right-now/ )

    • Isn’t it amazing how they’ve come back from being endangered? We sat and watched the fledglings try to flap their wings–but no one left the nest! I bet it was endearing to watch the eaglets grow . . .

      • the eaglets were so precious…And how amazing that there are 80 nests…that’s wonderful. I read the Chinese proverb yesterday and liked it so much that I made it into a few pages…to remind myself the importance of singing the songs…. and linked back to this post. I love that quote!..thank you!

  3. A very nice shot of the eagles! I sure wish they nested in spots like that around here, I spent over an hour under a nest yesterday evening, and you can just make out the eaglets in the photos I took.

    • DeFranco–thanks. I have a bridge camera which means I don’t have capability for a good zoom. If I did, we were close enough to get their faces 😦 one day though . . .

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