Saint Francis Basilica, Santa Fe

rosaries in the only remaining section, Our Lady Conquistadora, of the old church

I feel about touring churches just as I feel about seeing battleships or submarines–both of which I had enough of growing up. Of course, J- was excited—so that made happy. 

For me, seeing Saint Francis Basilica was just another photo op, a blurry one at that–we weren’t allowed to use flash. Am I going to Hell now?

I do appreciate the fact that each one of the stained glass windows made the trip whole from France in the late 1800s–that’s impressive.

I was so glad to see that the confessional was closed as I would’ve felt compelled to enter to see what it felt like kneeling on the prie dieux one last time. The place where every Saturday evening I tried to remember all those offending sins I had committed during the week. How were we supposed to remember everything?

If my penance took too long, my mother would know that I committed some whoppers during the week, and then I’d never hear the end of it on the way home. My solution? I finished my penance in the back seat of the car. I’ll never make it to Heaven now, will I?

While J-was happily sopping up all those interesting facts about Saint Francis Basilica, I hung out in one of the pews taking pictures of the embellishments which I honestly believe they place in churches so that its parishioners don’t die of sheer boredom . . . or hunger . . . during mass. Am I doomed for the fifth layer of Hell now?

Sorry. I don’t mean to knock the Catholic church. Until I was twenty-one, I spent every Sunday there, and I must say that having those beliefs saved me from many, many missteps while growing up. 

Daily Gratitude: arroz con pollo

Quote of the Day for YOU:  We are each our own devil and we make this world our hell. ~Oscar Wilde

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16 thoughts on “Saint Francis Basilica, Santa Fe

  1. I love the photo of the stained glass. I’ve always liked stained glass. It’s an amazing art form. You captured it’s essence well, even without a flash.

  2. Thanks for taking us on your visit. The Catholic Church was great at fear of reprisal and guilt. You can probably let go of those as well. In a world where there are so many concepts of spirituality and religious beliefs, we really have to find our own way, I think. And be comfortable with that.

    We visited a basilica in Buffalo on Saturday. I hope to post photos soon.

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