Easters Remembered

organic free-range eggs

Having been raised Catholic, I remember Easter Sundays vividly: the new patent-leather shoes, the hat, the new dress and coat (you know–that bonded-knit, foamy kind?), the ever-long Sunday mass, all of us with our stomachs a-grumbling.  One of my cousins would inevitably forget which pew he was sitting in on the way back from having received communion, and it would send us into fits of giggles as we watched him traverse the aisles frantically looking for his seat!

Once the crinolines under my new Easter dress were so stiff and stuck out so far that my underwear, drooping down on the left side, showed in all the photos. (My brother and sister always got a rush showing those pictures to everyone!)

But I remember well the dyeing of the eggs with my mother, brother, and sister, a part of Easter we enjoyed well into our teens. After a while, we began to get artistic with the designs. And, you know, we used to leave those hard-boiled eggs in our Easter baskets all week (and then some) and never once got salmonella! 

I remember, what seemed like, a Giant Chocolate Bunny that the Easter Bunny himself–of course– left on the doorstep. Later that day, we’d gather with my twelve aunts and uncles and all my cousins at my grandparents’ house for Easter dinner and The Easter Egg Hunt. I think it was the only day we were allowed to wear our Sunday clothes after church, but it didn’t stop my mother yelling about not scuffing our shoes.

I remember those times well, and I’ve tucked them away in my Sunday missal to recall every Easter

Happy Holiday and/or Spring Break to all!

Daily Gratitude: on my way to Santa Fe–do you know the way to Santa Fe? 🙂

© Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2012.


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