To Save a Life

The arborists at Longwood Gardens go to great lengths to save the life of a tree. Wouldn’t it be grand if everyone felt this way about their fellow human? It only takes a little effort:

  • sponsor a family with food gift certificates
  • volunteer to tutor an at-risk student
  • join the Literacy Volunteers of America
  • buy economically disadvantaged students some reading books
  • donate your time at a local school
  • make a young girl happy–buy her a prom dress
  • have an old bicycle that you’re not using? find out from social services what families could use it
  • Could you give up one hour a day, one hour a week, to help those in need?
Something so small could mean so much to someone else. 
Daily Gratitude: reading a creative writing piece from a former student
© Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2012.

6 thoughts on “To Save a Life

  1. Great photographs. I’m heartbroken by how many trees our city and neighbors keep taking down. People have no consideration for life, other than their own, I think. It would be nice if we could think more about one another and other living things. 🙂

  2. Fascinating equipment they use there. You are so right about looking after each other.

    Hope you are OK & still able to support 100WC. Let me know Terry!

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