In the Pink

Obottle brush

Good news from my doctor–no cholesterol pills needed! Every time the threat looms overhead, I exercise and diet like crazy! And each time the result is that my cholesterol goes down. Hmm . . . Anyway, so glad to know that my health is in the pink!

Daily Gratitude: a great total-body workout

Interesting facts about the color pink:


  • Bright pinks, like the color red, stimulate energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate. They also encourage action and confidence.
  • Pink has been used in prison holding cells to effectively reduce erratic behavior.
  • The pink ribbon is an internationally recognized symbol of hope and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.
  • In Japan, the color pink has a masculine association. The annual spring blooming of the pink-blossomed cherry trees (the Sakura) is said to represent the young Japanese warriors who fell in battle in the prime of life (the Samurai).
  • Jaipur City is a foremost tourist attraction in India because of its superlative forts, grandiose palaces, vivacious temples, multicolored bazaars, pulsating streets, and its distinguished pink color to which the city owes its oft-used name “The Pink City”. Learn more about this colorful city
  • The Chinese had not recognized the color pink until they had contact with Western culture and the Chinese word for pink translates as “foreign color.”
  • Marrakesh is another city associated with the color pink. It is sometimes refered to as the “Rose City” because of its salmon-pink colored buildings and the red clay of its terrain. Learn more about the Rose City 

11 thoughts on “In the Pink

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  2. Exercise and watching food intake is always good. Keep in mind, a little know fact I learned from a Nutritionist – In the past years the threshold for what is considered normal cholesterol had been lowered. My nutritionist and a large camp of others say this is so the pharmaceutical industry can sell more drugs. So your level may have been really fine after all. We all need to be real educated anout what the AMA & FDA put out to us. The FDA was allowing pink slime – how wonderful!

    • Dian–geez, why am I not surprised? I am a teacher, and over the years I have seen a few bottles of meds for kids grow to having 2 medicine cabinets in the nurse’s office. So much greed . . . Thanks for commenting. Sounds like a good topic for a post!

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