‘I, Borage, bring always courage.’

Having visited Longwood Gardens to see the Orchid Extravaganza recently, I never expected, after rounding the corner of the conservatory, to be met with such a swath of cornflower blue . The sight was truly breathtaking.

Pride of Madeira (Echium candicans or Echium fastuosum) is a tender perennial herb of the Borage family, native to the Canary Islands.

Attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds, this Borage is also drought-tolerant and deer resistant. In my experience, I have found that most scented herbs deter deer.

The lighting in the conservatory was perfect that day. I could have spent an entire afternoon lying in the middle of the lawn—book and drink in hand. 

Daily Gratitude: a thank-you hug from my student’s mother

Quote of the Day for YOU:  For like as herbs and trees bringing forth fruit and flourish in May, in likewise every lusty heart that is in any manner a lover, springeth and flourisheth in lusty deeds.   

~Sir Thomas Malory

© Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2012.


13 thoughts on “‘I, Borage, bring always courage.’

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      • I’ve tried delphiniums too….too dry here, but they are so beautiful. I also have a wonderful blue/lavender lace cap hydrangea….it’s remarkable! (but someone who does a bit of yard work for us cut it wayyyyyy back in the fall and I think he cut back the flowering branches…time will tell.)

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