Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Stability Ball Decline Push-Up

While I was committed to the Postaday2011 Challenge, I haven’t been as committed this yearWhat has taken up all my evening light (remember the magic hour for photos is one hour before- sunrise and  sunset) is exercise classes. So I decided to devote Wednesdays to one of the exercise classes I attend. And it’s not about the photo but the exercise. (It took me ten tries to push the self-timer and get into position! I need a remote timer! Ya think?)

This week’s exercise will engage your core and work your arms and upper torso. Try to keep the ball still–so don’t go plowing through the exercise because you wouldn’t be properly engaging your muscles anyway. Start with two sets of 10 reps and you’ll be wearing those short sleeves proudly by summer! 

Are you ready?

Daily Gratitude: surprise front-page article with Dapper G and step-son D in the Sunday paper.

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

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  3. I love using the ball to excercise. I often just sit on it and rock around while watching TV, even that helps somewhat. I love the attempt at taking a photo, you captured the movement very well.

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