Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Kenai Fjord, Seward, Alaska

We launched our 18-ft. tandem kayak at the mouth of the Kenai Fjord making our way through various sizes of icebergs and headed toward the Holgate Glacier. Just to give you a perspective on how large the fjord is, the boat near the glacier is approx. 100-ft. long. Kayaking in pristine waters alongside curious but cautious sea otters was such an ethereal experience. 

Daily Gratitude: another spring-like day

© Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2012.


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

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  2. Did you really?!? We were there on a cruise ship. You did it the exciting way. But it’s a great trip any way you look at it.

    Great interpretation of the weekly photo challenge.

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    • My goodness, Martina. I certainly did miss it! Lo siento! December was pretty hectic as we had the 90-somethings with us! I just happened upon it today but haven’t had a chance to really look. Thanks millions!

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    • Pretty–I just bought a new one in the fall and haven’t been able to use it 😦 There have actually been some pretty nice days this winter (unusually nice), but I always have something else going on. Get one!

  5. My father in law was on a boat like the one in the photo when there was an ice-fall, some passengers were injured when the boat was thrown around by the wave caused by the falling ice, the incident made the international news at the time. Fortunately he was OK but at 85yrs of age, we think he had a lucky escape!

    • Uphill–Wow! So glad he was ok. The boats do get very close to the calving glaciers and the sound is incredibly loud when it cracks apart–like a big bolt of lightning and thunder. The kayaks have to stay a mile away as you can see in the photo. Interesting story.

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