When A Wooden Chair Rail Is Not Your Forte

hand stenciled chair rail

Our living room is very tiny, so guests have a tendency to push their chairs back (scrape, squeak), thus hitting the wall and making marks on it. I am not particularly fond of chair rails—that style is a little too “country” for our little bayside cottage. So I decided to stencil the wall where a chair would normally rub against. Below is a fairly easy remedy for this problem:

  • 1 large piece of mylar about 20″-22″ long
  • cut into thirds
  • draw tree design with marker leaving a 1′ border on the top and bottom. Cut design with an Xacto knife.
  • draw 2 designs for the bushes and water
  • Pencil in the length of area using a yardstick and measuring tape
  • Using a color wash brush, lightly paint in the sky, watering down the paint
  • apply the background stencils first and then the tree stencil or put them on freehand with a brush
Daily Gratitude: watching the downy woodpecker from the living room window
p.s. something’s been happening with my stats–daily I’ve been getting from 5,000-7,000 views! Whassup?
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21 thoughts on “When A Wooden Chair Rail Is Not Your Forte

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  2. Very nice! You are so creative! Doesn’t it feel good when you come up with a solution that turns into a work of art? When I first moved into my new house we had this ugly view of the neighbor’s broken down cars from the 70’s from our dining room table through the french doors. I used that Gallery Glass paint to make it look like stained glass. It still lets in light but I don’t see those old cars. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Those seeds of my mom’s are too old to plant now and are pretty dried up. I also live in Alaska and they probably wouldn’t grow here. I sure would have if it would have worked though. I have a perennial flower garden in my front yard that she helped me plant so I think of her every year when they come up.

    • Thanks, Donna. It does feel good when I’ve accomplished something, especially since it didn’t cost a lot of money! But nice about the garden. You are so lucky to live in Alaska. We visited a few years ago and fell in love.

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