Collections: What They’re Really About

People have collections of things, for whatever reason—they love collecting. I like collecting green pottery simply because I’m attracted to the multitude of green shades, and textures. 

Collections let one hold onto things that might not be around one day. It may remind them of a time or place that no longer exists–with a collection, one has something tangible, something, perhaps, immutable, beautiful forever.

Christmastime always unearths collections—collections of memories, each one unique for the collector. That’s why family is important; they become keepers of memories that another family member may not be able to hold onto. It’s fun to share a memory, each person adding his recollection to rebuild a somewhat shredded memory, each person adding a color, a texture until the memory becomes one again—beautiful forever.

To my family . . . thanks for the memories.

Daily Gratitude: Memories

 © Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


10 thoughts on “Collections: What They’re Really About

  1. Loved the pottery… I love the lighting in your shots. I collect Beatles Memorabilia and Carousel Horses/Animals… you’re right, I think we all collect some thing or another. 😉 Thanks for sharing your collection with us!

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