Is Christmas Broken?

I detest having to walk into a card shop in October to find Christmas ornaments already donning the shelves. And I couldn’t escape from it. Wal-Mart’s elves were already dancing around the tube inviting shoppers to an early lay-away and those Hershey kisses—those damned clangorous chocolates—ringing like church bells, inviting you into their folds of tin foil. Black Friday? What heartless soul would make their employees snap out of their tryptophanic haze to open their cash registers for WHAT??? The latest technological craze that will certainly be outdated in six months?

Even before December comes in on the Polar Express, I’m so over it! No more the caroling for hot chocolate and mulled cider. No more the surprise gifts under the tree (because wives now buy their own gifts and tell everyone their husbands bought it). No more the fresh scent of pine needles. No more the making of fresh holly wreaths (why should we when there’s plastic). No more the family gatherings of singing and simply enjoying the warmth of love and kin because we all know everyone will be hunkered down with calloused fingers iPhones texting or playing video games on their iPads.

Christmas is broken, People!  How do we fix it?

© Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


18 thoughts on “Is Christmas Broken?

  1. Some years ago, i took my broken Christmas spirit and I made a pact with myself..I will not give into the commercialism of Christmas. I refuse to shop on the horrible black friday. I refuse to shop at the big box stores to purchase the newest mass produced plastic gismo. I refuse to be herded like cattle through the holiday season…instead; I focus on my family, make homemade gifts, shop local, plan my party menu and try my best to keep the true reason for the season at the forefront of all that I do…LOVE!!!!

    Love to you this Christmas Season and Always!

  2. I love this post even though it makes me incredibly sad. You are so right. I try my hardest to bring our Christmas back to basics in my house, but it is tough when everyone around us is so caught up in the hustle and bustle.

  3. Christmas isn’t broken, it’s our culture that’s broken. The way to fix it is rather simple, ignore the commercialism and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. That’s easy for me to say though, I don’t watch TV and don’t go to a store unless I need something. If my friends want to waste their time chasing sales or what have you, fine, I’ll spend my time alone in the woods with God’s creatures and talking to them, and Him.

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