50.50 Word Challenge: Week 24, Part II

Rules for Week 24 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place:

  • Write a 50 word piece on the theme
  • Post it as usual on your blog at Julia’s Place
  • Wait until you have got fed up with all the festivities  and choose one
  • Write the next 50 words of the entry you have chosen as if you were continuing the story. It’s like the old party game of consequences when you wrote something on a piece of paper, folded it over and passed it on. This will give you the opportunity of writing in the genre chosen by someone else!
  • Link to the piece you are continuing. You should have lots of visitors over this time!

The 50% of the 1oo%:

The Season of . . .What? by Fragments From Firefly Phil

The concept: A clear blue sky. Brilliant sunshine on fresh snow. A slight, persistent, air and ground frost. Children, dressed in brightly-coloured warm clothes, laughing and shouting as they pull each other along on sledges, their parents joking with one another as they exchange stories of family life.

My Contribution:

The reality… When the tour ended, students and parents changed from their wardrobe into their street clothes. Outside the bus was waiting. What a better way for Californians to experience winter than to have a simulated snow day on the set at the Hollywood Center Studios, where students could have a “winter” adventure! 


Daily Gratitude: watching the faces of the Kinders as they opened their very first Christmas stocking

© Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


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