All the Glitz and Glitter

I do like all the glitz and glitter of Christmas lights. You must admit—they are magical! Not the Griswold kind of lights that are distracting to airplane pilots and nesting birds, just something subtle like the yard above. I didn’t get a chance to put up lights this year, did you?

Daily Gratitude: nice family Christmas party, fantastic antipasto

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8 thoughts on “All the Glitz and Glitter

  1. I still haven’t put up my tree or lights and the kids are not complaining… they understand my struggles. Might still run out and get a small tree; it adds to the festivities. 🙂

  2. We did put up outdoor lights. We’ve put up white icicle lights for the past many….ummm….15?? 25??? …..years. This year, I decided I wished we could let go of how we’ve “always” done things and try something different…a very different state of mind. So…..we have colored lights. : ) I actually don’t like them as much (not enough sparkle and glitter) ….but I do like that we let go of an “old way” and tried a “new way”…but I think that all lights have a magic about them….how in the world did someone get soooo many lights balanced so nicely around those trees???

  3. I’ve been stuck in the house sick for quite a while. I actually went out the other night and couldn’t believe all the sparkly lights I was seeing. I think I still thought it was the night after Thanksgiving!

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