Don’t Put the Garden Tools Away Yet

Having just read Julia’s Place post about her having to cut the grass in mid-December forced me to take another look-see around the yard. I knew the rosemary and thyme were blossoming, the echinacea and iris sprouting new leaves, but the chamomile is totally confused because it’s covered with flowers. So while the ground is still warm. you can still divide perennials and hold off on planting the bulbs! I’ve planted bulbs in January as most bulbs only need three months of freezing temperatures.

Here are a few tips for getting the garden ready for winter:

  • Place stakes in a tripod shape around evergreens like boxwood and yews. The branches cannot take the weight of a heavy snow or ice, and the stakes will cut down on the amount of snow that covers the bushes.
  • New shrubs or trees and those that are susceptible to wind damage need to be staked and protected with burlap. If you live near the shore, protect plants from the salt spray the same way.
  • Place a thick layer of mulch 4-6 inches on your flower beds. Since the weather has been so warm here in the mid-Eastern states, wait until the ground begins to freeze or when temperatures consistently stay below freezing.
  • Avoid walking on the grass all winter; it will damage the blades and will take longer to recover come spring.
  • Plant some icicle pansies for color.
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