How to Stop Receiving Catalogs in Five Very Easy Steps

One doesn’t need to get caught up in the craziness of what is now considered Christmas “spirit.” Years ago, we didn’t begin our shopping until a few weeks before and the amount of gifts wasn’t a materialistic illogicalness. LisaWieldsWords commented that , ” . . .  [the] buying and giving frenzy . . . I find utterly repulsive.” And I couldn’t agree more. The TV ads and store decorations didn’t begin until after Thanksgiving, unlike today when the stores begin setting up in October.

Did you know that I received 5 lbs of catalogs in one day? Yes, I weighed them! (And a few weeks later I received a quite larger pile.) I immediately took the 5 lb. heap to my computer and typed the URL: to have each catalog company remove my name from their list. To do this you simply need:

  1. Type the URL
  2. Register–it’s secure, no SSN or personal information needed
  3. Type your Customer ID in the box provided. You’ll find it on the back of the catalog under: Customer ID
  4. Type the Key or Source Code in the space provided.
  5. Depress the SUBMIT button. Et voila!

Give: Take a few of your gifts: hand creams, boxes of candies and bring them to your nearest nursing home. There’s always someone there who won’t be getting any gifts. I used to take all the candies that I received from my students and dropped them off at the nursing home before I got home. Guess what? It felt really good!

Daily Gratitude: a friend giving my students all her beanie babies for Xmas

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15 thoughts on “How to Stop Receiving Catalogs in Five Very Easy Steps

  1. I have to confess… I like most of the catalogs I receive. I check out the contents, the layout, the pictures and then I toss most of them out. It is wasteful for a company to send endless paper catalogs but it works and so they continue… 🙂

  2. So glad you mentioned the catalog thing. I used to get more. I’ll have to sit down and do this. I often recycle them with my art collages and paper crafts, and put them to good use, but I’m sure I can eliminate some. I have a harder time about gifts with having young children, they don’t get what they want during the year, so they wait for Christmas or BD..

    • Martina–yes, when you have young children, they should feel all the magic and excitement of Christmas–absolutely.Using magazines for art collages and crafts is a great way to recycle them!

  3. Thanks for sharing this important piece of knowledge. While I admit to enjoying a few catologs (its fun to browse and dream, and sometimes I find inspirational images) I can’t stand the duplicates, numbers, or waste as I end up throwing most of them away without a glance.

    I’m going to share this, because this is good information.

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