Make the Season Bright

I do like decorating for Christmas. I make tiny little scenes on all the tabletops throughout the house. I suppose I’m trying to recreate the magic of holidays gone by as my friend Lisawieldswords has expressed in her blog post: A Little Seasonal Magic

Here is an old doll cart with some of the old ornaments along with a pretty scary (as friends and guests have expressed) Santa. Perhaps it was the cold that made his cheeks so rosy? I don’t see a flask anywhere (wink, wink).

This Santa stands with his sled. There aren’t many places in Southern N.J. where one can sled. When I was in kindergarten, we lived in Connecticut for a short time while my father was going through submarine school. Behind the house was–you guessed it–a big hill. One night my mother and other neighborhood mothers went out back with the sleds and were having a blast sledding. My mother parked me on top of the sled and hopped on the back and yelled, “Hold on!” I . . . was . . . terrified . . . the . . . entire . . . ride!

Here are a few books, one dating from 1884; the others are gifts. My favorite Christmas book is A Christmas Carol and I could watch every DVD version of it–over and over during the holidays.

In a house I owned when I was in my 20s, I found a box of tiny Christmas ornaments in the attic–they grace this tiny tree along with handblown icicles that a friend’s grandfather made back in the 70s.

Snowmen? Hah! I don’t think anyone’s going to be making snowmen this year if the temperatures keep rising to the 60s. As it is, my thyme and rosemary are budding; the iris are sporting shoots; the echinacea has sprouted with leaves; and I picked about ten green peppers yesterday!

Tomorrow I need to decorate the chandelier. Decorating is something I do to help me get in the spirit. Baking cookies, decorating the tree, singing Christmas carols, going to midnight mass–all those things I did as a child will never be quite the same, but the excitement and wonder I felt as a child are only a memory away. 

Daily Gratitude: Watching my kinders paint snowmen and Santas today, I said to Gian Carlos, “Are those his eyes at the bottom of his beard near his belt?” Shaking his head like a bobble head doll in the affirmative, he replied proudly, “YES!” 

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15 thoughts on “Make the Season Bright

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  2. I just love all the Christmas photos and the way you have made them all a part of a scene. I am and always have been a Christmas lover. I just havent gotten the spirit yet, but then again I have not done the decorating deed yet either. Dont you just love Mary Engelbrecht? I noticed you have one of her books in your book collection, if only I could sketch and draw like you and she…..

    • Jeanne–yeah, it’s fun to sit back and look at the ornaments nieces and nephews have made. I’ve given our kids all their ornaments and ones from their grandmother. It brings you a place and time, doesn’t it?

  3. Lovely images and decorations. I have to agree that the first Santa looks a big scary, his eyes seem to follow you. I guess that fits as he is always watching. I love to go homes where people go all out decorating, and to wander through their treasures because they seem so filled with memory and meaning. Your treasures are lovely.

    • Lisa–I decorate to get into the spirit. We don’t buy gifts. We take the “boys” and their wives out to dinner–it’s all about family and spending quality time together. Except for Mike & his wife and one Buddhist, we are all lapsed Catholics.

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