I Am Stone Collector . . . Of Sorts


When I began writing this post, I had to ask myself, “What’s the difference between a rock and stone?” I admit that I had to call on Wikipedia, but there wasn’t anything there, or the ‘Net for that matter, that was definitive. My definition would be that a stone is smooth and a rock is not–and that’s my final answer! 

I also admit that I’ve taken large slabs of stone from parks where I should not have removed anything that I didn’t bring in. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I confess this in front of the world.

My enthusiasm to find the perfect stone for just a particular purpose gets the best of my better judgement. I have long slabs of stones for drain spouts, round ones for garden pot feet, bigger ones for hose guides, flat ones for benches, and round, flat, smooth ones for artwork (like the one above).

 Whenever we go on vacation, I always have a pocket full of stones or shells. I just can’t help myself. What is it that you collect?

Daily Gratitude: glorious weather

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21 thoughts on “I Am Stone Collector . . . Of Sorts

  1. WoW! I thought I was alone with that hobby. I love collecting stones too and even brought some back from Europe and Japan on my trips. I love this post… Also I love the Daily Gratitude and might steal that idea for my blog. Do you mind? Love it. 🙂

  2. I collect rocks, stones, pebbles, shells, feathers, pine cones, interesting twigs or sticks… I could furnish my own little Earth with all the gifts I pick up from Mother Nature. 🙂

  3. It seems I am in good company, as I too collect shells and stones from whereever I roam. But I also collect elephants, well, not live elephants. I live in an apartment and it only started allowing pets a little bit ago.. But all other representations of elephants are collected–one can never have too many friends, too much chocolate or too many elephants (or stones and shells).

  4. I have been known to collect a bowl of stones, a jar of seashells. But my favorite thing to collect is stories! (You should come up and collect some Lake Superior stones…methinks you would have a wonderful time.)

  5. I often pick up small pebbles from beaches I visit. I tend to feel a little guilty about it though! I guess this year, with the gift of my camera, I’ve been collecting images and the associated memories.

  6. While vacationing in the Oregon coast there was one beach that gave us many choices to pick from. I filled my pockets up. Lately I tend to go for ones that have green and blue hues..We have a lot of rocks in our yard that my husband has picked up over the years. Like two hundred pound ones. A big chunk of petrified wood..Happy rock picking!

    • Pocket–one of my 6th-grade students found a trilobite fossil amidst all these tiny stones in Cape May. Like you, I find shells in pockets!! Enjoy your Sunday. School bells will be ringing . . .

  7. Please come to my yard – we grow stones, rocks – whatever you fancy. The PNW is loaded with them, no doubt a remnant from receding glaciers.
    I have tiny bits of things from prior trips – seashells, plant bits, sand – whatever captures my memory.

  8. Another interesting behavior we have in common, my friend….when I travel, I bring back a stone/rock to share with Charlie. Calling on the Jewish tradition of placing stones on grave markers when visiting, I’ve learned that they are one thing the caretakers do not clear away after a period of time.

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