Antique Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories
  • One year in Hawaii our poinsettia bush grew tall and gangly and very tree-like that it covered the view to our door.

  • When I was in third grade, my brother showed my sister and I where some of the presents were hidden. It was such a shock to me because I still believed in Santa Claus.

  • Since I was the shortest,in second grade I was cast as The Littlest Christmas Tree. The biggest boy in the class was the person who was to find me in the woods, chop me down, and carry me to the wagon. I was so mortified that a boy (ew, ew, ew) was going to touch me that I put up such a fuss. After he “chopped” me down, I walked to the wagon instead.
  • It was so hot onstage that under the cover of all that green construction paper, several “trees” fainted!

  • When we were older, my mother let each one of us decorate the tree for that year. My debut as a tree decorator was a flop as I picked red, white and green decorations–yeah, very Italian-flag-colorish! My brother, however, had a flair for decorating. We all agreed that the job belonged to him.

  • My grandmother never showed favoritism when it came to gift-giving, so she would buy the same gift for all twenty of her grandchildren: 20 fuzzy bedroom slippers, 20 flannel pajamas, 20 ceramic piggy banks (which I still have), 20 flannel pajamas  . . .

Give: Ladies! Have a suit or dress that doesn’t quite fit anymore? Take it to your local women’s shelter. They need the professional clothing for job interviews.

Daily Gratitude: Another Tequila sunrise

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16 thoughts on “Antique Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Memories

  1. I was so excited when I opened your post today, it brought back some memories of my own. I have always loved the old ornaments and try to collect them myself whenever I can. I also have a few od the old ones from my Grandparents and my Mothers. They just make me nostalgic and seem to relax and calm when taking them out and putting them up for display.Thank you for the memories……

  2. I love these ornaments and these memories. I’m actually wishing for a Hawaiian Christmas. My first Christmas there was very memorable.

    I have always loved holiday decorations, even if I never got a visit from Santa.

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