At My Front Door

original photo

Drove by this old building on the way home from Batsto one afternoon. It had a lot of character and looked like it was still in use.  

boost effect

It got me thinking about all the old “stuff” I have in the house because I am ridiculously attracted to old things: furniture, objects, pottery, old poetry books, prints, glassware, lamps, jewelry, clothing . . .

Orton-ish effect

 I’d spend every weekend scouring  yard sales and thrift stores for antiques and odd bric-a-brac which I used to sell on eBay–I did really well too until the post office changed the pricing. At night I would watching the bids on items I was selling skyrocket. It was fun, but it distracted me from more important things.

grain effect.

Since I made a commitment to de-clutter, I have given lots away to the daughters-in-law and the Goodwill. Sometimes I’ll leave things at my door and by morning it will have disappeared. Unfortunately, in my haste to de-clutter, I may have “given away” a string of seed pearls that my parents gave me for my college graduation and one blue shoe! 😦

My concern now is to steer clear of thrift stores and antique shops; as I age, I find that I can live with a lot less–my focus is on more meaningful undertakings. What about you? How do you spend your time?

Daily Gratitude: making it to zumba class which I haven’t done in two weeks

Quote of the Day for YOU: The years teach much which the days never knew.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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15 thoughts on “At My Front Door

  1. Great photos of the door. I love looking at doors…..maybe the idea of entering new places or phases.
    I’m also trying to de-clutter. I try to keep in mind that for every 100 items I give away there might be 96 (or more) that I’ll never miss, and several that I might miss/regret or give away by mistake, but having those 96 gone is worth that bit of missing.
    And clearing out a classroom????….I shudder just to think about it! Any ideas?

    • Pocket–I sat down one afternoon and took all the books off the shelf. One pile went back on the shelf but organized to Lexile and the other went in a box to give away to the students. As I am finishing a unit, I am getting rid of all the old worksheets that I never used and putting them in the recycle bin. The teacher’s resources that I no longer use for that unit–I am putting in the Link Room (extra supplies not being used). Every month I am clearing it all out until I retire!

    • Jeanne–you are too funny! Hey, did you ever hear of I joined the one in our area–people post things they want, need, or want to give away for free! Some people post things and leave them on the curb.

  2. I, too, have come to enjoy living with less. I think my week-long backpacking trips have driven this point home for me. On the trail my responsibilities are reduced to the very basic necessities and this frees my mind to appreciate every small detail of my surroundings…how to bring that to every day life?

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