Decay, Rust, Ruin Makes For A Good Photo Shoot–Why Is That?

I am attracted to objects that have rusted or deteriorated. Why is that? They make for great photos–in fact one blogging friend, Whatapic, excels at making artwork out of rusty, old objects.

I used to know someone who’d focus in on small portions of rust, making them look quite like watercolors. I guess I live in an area where we have to be one step ahead of the rust as the salt air will destroy anything that’s metal.

YYesterday I focused on my Father’s work shed–this is my mother’s garden shed. But I like the old glass ddoor knob which has colored with age–the key must’ve been displaced sometime back . . . I suppose old aand decaying things provide nice colors and patterns. And old, broken-down doors–why is it that tthese things make for good shoots?

Note: ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for all the well-wishes. My father is home. He’s only been home for three weeks in the past four months. But everyone in the hospital tells us how sweet and kind he is–I wish I had his fortitude.

Quote of the Day for YOU:ย Patience is the companion of wisdom.ย  ~St. Augustine

ยฉ Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


23 thoughts on “Decay, Rust, Ruin Makes For A Good Photo Shoot–Why Is That?

  1. Maybe it has to do with that wabi-sabi thing (described as the acceptance of transience, beauty imperfect). A couple of photographers I know have a series of wabi-sabi type photos. I’m often drawn to that type of beauty as well, more so now that I’m doing my own aging.

    Beautiful captures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. First of all, nice pics! Second, thanks for the tip o’ the hat. And finally, I think it’s about texture and patina that comes with age and weathering, the subtle colors as the finish wears. And questions. A ’55 Ford truck with nice paint in a car show is nice, but an old rusted truck in a field has questions…”how long has it been there?”, “why did someone leave it there?”, “I wonder what it was like back when it was new”. Old worn things have a warmth that isn’t there when new, especially in this digital age. As a guitar player, the feel of an old worn guitar is special….the music that has been played on it, the wear in certain places from playing, etc. I could go on and on.

  3. I love all things old and rusted…the rust and peeling paint are a testament to what I imagine has been a lifetime of puttering and potting in this garden shed.

  4. I always find myself attracted to old buildings, especially run-down barns and farmhouses, whenever I drive anywhere. Rust and decay are beautiful because they have stories to tell.

    I’m glad your yfather is home. Sending positive energy.

  5. New things have no character; they are made to be “flawless”. Old things show their experiences, what they’ve been through. Just like older people are more interesting than young ones!

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