My Father’s Sanctuary–Where Is Yours?

Beyond this door was my father’s sanctuary. Here he made furniture, lures, sinkers, and  leather goods. It was also a place where he could smoke without my mother knowing about it or simply hide from my mother until dinnertime! He no longer uses it because he’s unable–his sanctuary lies elsewhere.

Everyone needs a sanctuary, don’t you agree? Perhaps it’s a reading room, a spot in a chair under the canopy of a tree, a gardening shed to pot up plants, an easel and stool in a nearby field–a man cave :).

I don’t have a sanctuary–I’ve more or less taken over the living room where my easel reminds me that the canvas is blank and the pile of unread books are mounting. But I’d like to have a room where I can leave all my endeavors on a big oak work table and not worry about putting everything away.

Perhaps a sanctuary for you is within, a place in your mind where you can shut out the world, find peace, stillness. What does the word sanctuary mean to you?

Daily Gratitude: my father returning home from the hospital today

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31 thoughts on “My Father’s Sanctuary–Where Is Yours?

  1. Having a sanctuary is so special. It sounds like your father’s sanctuary was just that. And….a sanctuary in one’s mind?..I’m trying hard to learn to create that. I took some ideas about that from an online newsletter and created a slide show out of it… “creating a sanctuary in my mind”…just posted it yesterday. May we all learn to find that peaceful and safe spot. : )
    And, I’m so worn out from teaching today that I came home and tried to log into my retirement account…but forgot my user name and password and they locked me out!…oh no, can’t retire yet, I guess????

      • I use a program called Print Shop for all the pages etc that I create….it’s a terrific program and very enjoyable to create with.
        And guess what???….I was inspired by you and actually called the retirement system ( 1 1/2 hours on hold, but that’s okay) I’m part of and found out that I’ll have enough years to retire from teaching….if I want to….in June, 2012….wow. I’m trying to keep in mind that I’m not “RETIRING” from life….. I”ll be retiring from teaching and finding another area to put my energy, care and creativity into. Now I need to quickly buy back some time in another system…so, fingers crossed here… I think the time has come…
        And I hope your appointment goes smoothly.

        • Yay, Pocket! My appointment is Dec. 14th. I already bought back 3 years a while ago, but our Governor won’t let us do that anymore :(. I am so ready. Any time someone retires, they don’t replace them and the pace is quite like running all day. I know the time is right, and I can do lots of volunteering. If I need to work, I can always teach ESL online but I won’t be doing that right away. I’m going to take a class on grant-writing in January. But, actually, I think I’ll just enjoy working in the garden!

  2. I love the green door…and the memories that linger behind it. Since moving into the new house last September I haven’t settled on my “spot”. I thought it would be the morning room but then the desk with the view of the backyard held my interest. I would really like the back porch to be the place. My morning quiet time place, my 3 o’clock coffee break place, my reading room…only time will tell.
    Praying for you and your Dad.

  3. Glad to hear your dad is home now, recovery always runs more swiftly at home!

    I live alone so I guess my whole apartment is my sanctuary, but I do have a special chair in which I like to curl up and read. I also like the notion raised by LIsa Weilds Words–sanctuary through photography, or the act of taking the photos. When I am out and about taking photos, I do get delightfully lost in the process.

    • Patto–yes, me too! I get completely lost in the moment, my eyes darting from object to object, waiting for the lens to zero in on something. ” . . lost in the process” — a good explanation!

  4. Hey darlin’, I have passed the 7 x 7 link award on to you and seven other wonderful bloggers. This one is a bit different. It gives you an opportunity to showcase some of your wonderful past post and honor other bloggers. I know the holidays take most of our time nowadays but I hope you will accept this award. Much love and happy holidays to you and your family.

  5. I believe you do have a sanctuary, in the lens of your camera. In a way it is my office, but I am still seeking the sanctuary for my soul. (Sorry, having a sigh day).

  6. How touching Petal Pusher! Wonderful photo! So nicely written…..I pray for yor Father’s swift recuperation.
    My sanctuary? …Our wintergarten…I sit on the red sofa spotted by our cat’s white shedded hairs, observe the sparrows’ joy flights while sipping a cup of peppermint tea… then feast on my Bible, a few other books… then lift my pen and take to my journal…that is my sanctuary.

  7. I discovered a sanctuary in the college behind my house where I run. There is this quarter mile long throw of gravel where I run and walk. The claw of gravel against my tread is always thought provoking.

  8. That’s a wonderful photograph of the door to your father’s sanctuary. My sanctuary is where I’m sitting now: a room with my books and other special possessions. It’s also nice and warm with a wonderful view from the window. Best wishes to you and your father.

  9. My sancturary is on a river floating on my kayak! If it’s a place for working, it’s my craft room. Thinking of you {hugs, honey}

  10. What is it about doors that is so appealing in photographs. What a nice tribute to your father. I hope he recovers well.
    Thinking of you.

    My sanctuary is simply a comfortable leather rocker/recliner, where I sit and read, meditate, think or dream.

  11. I’m glad your dad is at home today. I love the shot and the thoughts. For me santuary means a safe place for body mind and spirit, a place where I can totaly relax. I’m still searching for my sanctuary. Like you, my creative ‘cave’ often just reminds me of projects unfinished and dreams unfulfilled. I really think that the sanctuary is more a state of mind than a place. Thanks for the thoughtful post. 🙂

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