Pondering the Pitcher Plant

This is a Pitcher Plant.

While its parts are quite beuatiful: the veining, the colors, the down. THE DOWN? This is a tad creepy, isn’t it? A hairy plant that is also . . . well, quite–you know–phallic looking! OK, I said it!

OK, here’s the craving, carnivorous culprit. It does look like . . . well, it does, doesn’t it?! 

I need to give this post over to Ed at Salt ‘n Peppah! because he’s not afraid to be blunt, and he’d have you roaring with laughter after the first sentence. He could certainly do this post some justice. What do you think of the pitcher plant?

Daily Gratitude: my brother alive and healthy on his birthday 

© Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


13 thoughts on “Pondering the Pitcher Plant

  1. Let me know the next time you decide to do a day at Longwood. I’d love to stop and say hello since it’s only minutes from where I live and work. : ) Longwood is such a solice.

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