A Thousand Reasons To Love Longwood Gardens

I was somewhat concerned about what condition the chrysanthemums would be in when we had planned our Longwood Gardens adventure a few months ago. Would they still look fresh? Would the petals look tired and droopy? But this was the only time I could take a day from school, and I knew that there are thousands of other plants to see.

Shame on me for having doubted this world renowned garden for exhibiting anything less than perfection! Every mum looked as though it were planted that morning.  (The yellow flowers are forsythia sage.)

The Thousand-Bloom (Ozukuri)

Stepping into the conservatory we were wowed and awed by The Thousand-Bloom plant which takes a minimum of 15-18 months to train. One of the guides told us that the horticulturists/students/volunteers are already working on next year’s exhibit.

The artful placement of color combinations and textures of every plant within each exhibit results in breathtaking views from every angle in the conservatory.

I never knew there were so many varieties of colors or flower-head shapes of mums: I’ll call this one Chrysanthemum ‘Ooh!’ (Just humor me, if you will!)

Chrysanthemum ‘Ah!’

Chrysanthemum ‘OMG!’


Chrysanthemum ‘Zounds’

Chrysanthemum ‘Ohmysweetjesus’

Just having a bit of a lark with the naming of the mums. It was a great day with two friends I have known for thirty-seven years, like-minded gardening friends, friends who spit out botanical names or gardening techniques almost as much as I do. I have seen Longwood Gardens in every season, and I will never tire of its beauty. A thousand thank-yous, Pierre du Pont.


19 thoughts on “A Thousand Reasons To Love Longwood Gardens

  1. What a wonderful, beautiful place. We were fortunate that it was nor raining and were able to enjoy the sights and fragrances of Longwood. Especially with two great friends……

  2. I can’t hardly believe that 1000-bloom plant. Must be something to see. But a part of me prefers plants in their natural states. I’m not big on training plants. But then, I’m not that good at training anything, including little white dogs with a big attitude.

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