Who Was Ruby Begonia?

A new leaf unfurling from a rex begonia.

Longwood Gardens has the largest begonia plants I have ever seen. I am more enamored with their leaves than the blooms they send forth. 

I had often heard the name Ruby Begonia when growing up but when researching the name on the Internet, I couldn’t find anything definitive. Was this a real person? Do you know anything about Ruby Begonia? I would certainly like to know!

Quote of the Day for YOU: Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  ~Albert Camus

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18 thoughts on “Who Was Ruby Begonia?

  1. flip Wilson used to ask “do ruby begonia ring a bell”?
    about 20 years ago I awoke to a movie’s credits rolling by and I saw listed
    Ruby begonia….bell ringer!
    I can’t find it listed in my searches, but the answer is actually somewhere.

  2. I always thought it had to do with the color nothing else… if you find Ruby tell her I said hello! 😆
    Like you, I love the color of Begonia foliage … 😉

  3. Must have been one of those generational references as I remember my father throwing that name out in a silly story and as a punchline to one of his wonderfully corny jokes.

  4. I just did a quick search, but all I came up with is that it is either a line from the television show AMOS ‘N ANDY or from a Flip Wilson Album. In one place it said she was Amos’ wife.


    I love those leaves as well.

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