Second Life List Of Thorns


In an email entitled In Our Next Lives, an old friend sent several photos of small, vintage, Spanish-style homes she had snapped in Sarasota. To humor ourselves we would occasionally joke about things we would want to do differently or would want to be different if we were given a chance at another life like buying an historic Spanish-style home.

Of course, we always begin with the physical aspects:

  • longer legs
  • curlier hair
  • straighter hair
  • longer nose, shorter nose
  • different color hair
  • better skin care 
  •  participation in sports
  • exercise more
  • eat less . . .
We all know the spiel of woulda, coulda, shouldas, right? And even though we’ve both lived good lives, it’s fun to dream a little. Here’s my Second Life List:                                              
  • job: travel photo journalist
  • home:  Spanish style in a more temperate climate
  • height: at least 5’8″
  • sport: swimming
  • musical instrument: violin
  • degree: art, photography
OK, a little frivolity. It would be pretty pathetic to dwell on desiring things we couldn’t possibly have or don’t need like an historic, Spanish-style home. It would be quite like sowing life with thorns. Do you have a Second Life List?
Daily Gratitude: a little Cape cod near the bay
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9 thoughts on “Second Life List Of Thorns

  1. This is a great list. 🙂

    I don’t really have a list. Sometimes I feel like I’m already making my way towards some of those Second Life wishes/goals.

  2. A second life list? In my younger years, I would have changed a lot, got more education, work at a job that I could embrace with passion like photography or writing, and of course, living a healthier lifestyle. But… now that I am retired, It is all forgotten and I am happy to be living the life I am living.

  3. Great idea. And I think we could travel together–travel, photography, even naturalist would be on my list. But I think first would be independently wealthy, so I could do those other things without worrying about silly little things like bills and such. I could easily iive in a cabin–decent size, well stocked with conveniences and someone to do the work like shoveling snow–actually four, one in the mountains, one at the beach, one in the desert and even on in the city, although that would be the least used.

  4. For fun – you bet – I would have been a great explorer and naturalist. I’m sure I would have been a famous fixture on the BBC.

    I am nearly 5’8″ – so no change there 🙂

    Sometimes I think I would be a nomad and live in a yurt. Then I remember the toilet is a hole in the ground…

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