Meet The Tobacco Horn Worm

Boy! It was a blessing that I had donned my garden gloves last Wednesday or I would have had hand-to-horn contact with a tobacco horn worm. And I would not have noticed it either because they are lime green–the same color as a tomato plant stem and not liking the heat of sunlight, hide on interior stems. OK, having an “Ew” moment.

Manduca sexta

Yeah, yeah, their color is quite attractive, but that doesn’t make them any more appealing. (getting the heebie-jeebies)

The horn is enough to deter any predator, but it’s just a prop–a useless appendage. And it worked its magic on me because it startled me, causing me to rise quickly and jump back.I mean, look at the damage on the green tomato–you can see the seeds. Geez, that’s creepy too! Ā (Ew, again. doin’ the St. Vitus dance)

And check out those white, crab–like claws (shudders and shakes rippling my body). Dapper G thought the worms were kinda cool (such a guy) and just diverted the yet heavily blossomed cherry tomato vine away from the voracious eaters. As for me? I’m gonna cry, “Uncle!” and let them eat the entire plant! Guess my tomato season’s ended a little early.

Daily Gratitude: a great evening with Dapper G


9 thoughts on “Meet The Tobacco Horn Worm

  1. I think he’s pretty cool, except for the damage to the tomatoes. That said, I wouldn’t want to handle him without gloves. So maybe he isn’t all that cool after all… šŸ˜‰

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