Japanese Maple

Daily Gratitude: Seeing 5 white heron standing in a row along the water’s edge.

Quote of the Day for YOU: I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.  ~Willa Cather, 1913

© Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


9 thoughts on “branch

  1. Great shot! I have two Japanese Lace Maples, one on either side of my front sidewalk, a red and a green. They are so beautiful. Your picture really shows how delicate their leaves are… thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. So beautiful. I love trees because they always seem to have a story to tell, a story with more meaning than many of the stories we hear on a daily basis. I only wish I could understand the voices of the trees.

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