roots on Mt. Charleston, Nevada

What nurtures the plants and trees also keeps them steady in strong winds just as the family is nurtured from other family members, their bond holding them together. 

© Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.

Daily Gratitude: Nine-year old Henry, one of my ESL students, wrote a short story with great imagery AND a simile.

A wonderful response to Sunday’s post, Is There A Gene For Music? by whenquiet

. . . love your colors, photos and set up…my late Grandmom played the piano by ear and was the pianist for our church choir…oh, those memories…being in her living room, sitting next to her at the piano as she played His Eye Is On The Sparrow and Somewhere Over The Window, songs that I learned and ones that have definitely aced numerous musical theater contracts. Our daughter is now 22 .As a child, I recall drumming out rhythms with her on the dining room table and living room heater. I also recall stopping her in the middle of a busy pedestrian zone in Basel, Switzerland to simply catch the rhythms of sounds during our frozenness…the baby’s giggle, the street musician’s flute, the banker’s steadied yet rushed gait, the chestnut griller’s swish into the brown bag…Genes? Most definitely…She is an awesome singer(my Aunt hears echoes of Nina Simone and I hear my Grandmom’s contralto)…I hear timbers of colors and emotions that will absolutly soar her over a rainbow….Patience….I’ve heard that the soup that simmers is the best for the pot.


14 thoughts on “Roots

  1. I love the symbolism in roots…and am fascinated by their actual lines, twists, formation and designs and importance. I’ve taken photos of soooo many roots of trees. I never seem to tire of gazing at them. (and mushrooms too! : ) )

  2. I absolutely love this. Trees always speak to me, perhaps because they represent strength and beauty in nature. I also love the response from your reader. Great post.

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