The Hungry Homeless


Yesterday a thin man, dressed neatly, with a POW/MIA baseball cap stepped onto the lawn as I was mowing the grass. Not knowing what to expect, I told him that I’d speak to him on the sidewalk. The first words out of his mouth were, “I’m hungry.” I let him sweep the sidewalk of grass left by the mower and gave him some money. 

I wanted to believe his story of being out of work during “these hard times,” but somehow his reddened eyes belied his words. I wanted to ask him if he was being straight with me, but if he was–I didn’t want to insult him. How could I know for certain?

Daily Gratitude: I spent several hours in the garden on this beautiful and sunny Fall day.

Quote of the Day for YOU: Trust is letting go of needing to know all the details before you open your heart.  ~Author Unknown


13 thoughts on “The Hungry Homeless

  1. I echo the sentiment shared by the others–you did good and the quote is great. I especially liked that you ler him work for the money–it feels better to earn something! But I know what you mean about not being certain about the reported need. I hate feeling so jaded but have seen the same person giving the same just-had-a-problem-need-to-get-home-please-help plea. But your good deed is never diminished, even if the recipient ends up being less than honest, which you will never really know. I never really have anyone on my home doorstep or yard. i see those in need when I am out driving, stopping at rest stops or intersections. When I know I am going to be traveling to places where I will likely see many in need, I try to have some items with me in the car–bottles of water, pieces of fruit, packages of nuts, various bars, etc.–as well as some gift certificates to local restaurants. Or if I am driving through a fast food place and see someone on my way in with a sign saying, “I’m hungry,” I bring them a meal on my way out.

  2. You can’t be certain, but does it matter? Need is need and hunger is hunger. That is a beautiful quote you closed with. May your angels be with you all day.

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