Yellow Is Never Mellow. It’s . . . Zowie!

Helianthus maximiliani-- Maximillian Sunflower


  •  Dapper G’s sixty-fifth birthday was a total surprise. His closest friends, his family, and five martinis . . . need I say more?
  • In late afternoon I watched bugs flitting through the sun rays of the living room window. Normally on a beautiful afternoon such as this, I would be drawn outdoors. But I know all those flecks of dust and particles that are flying around like blowing snow are in fact mosquitoes. Not good.
  • The hummingbirds have fled to warmer climes. I haven’t seen them at the feeder in over a week. Time for the suet chickadees and downy woodpeckers. Bon journee mon petit amis!

©  Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.

Quote of the Day for YOU:   America had often been discovered before Columbus, but it had always been hushed up. ~Oscar Wilde


Oscar Wilde


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