Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Things that comfort me:

  • Grandma’s Spaghetti–it’s a family thing that involves butter, lots of butter.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup–except  try it with Brie and Cranberry Wheat Bread
  • My mom’s handwriting–can’t explain
  • My father’s homemade Chocolate Roll with whipped cream that he made every Christmas.
  • Dapper G
  • Mi familia
  • My house
  • The period right after Boot Camp class–feels so good
  • Our outdoor shower
  • Saturday Morning
  • Removing a pair of high heels
  • The toilet lid after six Cosmopolitans
  • Having an adjustable seat belt that doesn’t strap across my neck. ( I’m short.)

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.
Quote of the Day for YOU: Comfort is not known if poverty does not come before it. – Irish Proverb

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  1. I can really relate to that last one. I’m short too. Grilled cheese and tomato soup are my go-to comfort foods, too. But I make my own tomato soup now. 🙂

    Very interesting shot you picked to go with this post.

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