What I Needed After A Hectic Day At School: A Stroll On The Beach

I hadn’t planned on strolling the sand in my work clothes, but my car seemed to just veer into the North End parking lot.

Frye boots aren’t exactly the footwear for sand–especially Frye mules which are difficult and heavy to walk in on hard surfaces.

But once I felt that warmth reflecting off the sand, I thought, “I don’t give a fig whether sand gets into my shoes. Lighten up, Doebley!”

The birds and crabs are not concerned about sand on their feet–so why should I?

Making my way to the surf, my step is already feeling lighter.

I’m beginning to wish that my beach chair were part of my car emergency kit.

Wow, it’s in the high 70s. There were people sunning . . .

and boating and me in my heavy Frye boots in a skirt and woolen poncho.

But by that point, it didn’t matter. The stroll worked its magic on me. I was massaged and kissed by the sun.

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.


22 thoughts on “What I Needed After A Hectic Day At School: A Stroll On The Beach

  1. What a lovely way to let go of the stress of the day. Now, go out and get one of the collapsible camp chairs that fold up really small and stick it in your trunk. It doesn’t take up much space, or cost very much, but can serve the purpose of a spot to rest in times of need. Enjoy your day.

    • Lisa–what a good idea! Boink! A collapsible chair would be much better than a beach chair which is low to the ground. And after a long day at school–trying to get down close to the ground . . . .and back up again!!

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