Irish Lace, Irish Grandmother, and Freckles

Irish Lace, Ireland

We have a very interesting genealogy: My grandmother was Irish and my grandfather was Filipino.  So a  typical family picnic might have consisted of listening to The Clancy Brothers and eating traditional Filipino foods like Adobo and Pansit.

My grandparents had nine children and twenty-one grandchildren. So our picnics were somewhat large affairs.

Of all the grandchildren, only two of us have freckles–I just happen to be one of them! Since freckling of this type is a hereditary trait, when people ask me about them, I often tell them it’s the Irish in me!

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.


7 thoughts on “Irish Lace, Irish Grandmother, and Freckles

  1. I would call it a fun heritage – I had a Sri Lankan father and a Seychellois mother, which meant food was always the highlight! And yes, family gatherings are always big affairs, even today!

    Incidentally, I love the shot! Beautiful curtains!

  2. Kaylee is starting to get freckles now. I love them.
    I would be happy to add a Abad branch to our family tree. Let me know if you are interested and I will start researching.
    PS Dad always talks about the lace curtain Irish. I forget what the “other” Irish were called – Shanty? Anyway, Dad never claimed to be lace curtain Irish.

  3. I love the curtains too and the paisley bits! My younger brother was blessed with red hair and freckles – the only sibling out of seven to have the freckles 🙂

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