Summer, I Don’t Want To You Let Go!

View from Orient Naturist's Beach, St. Martin

Even though I’ve made peace with Winter, I still don’t want to let Summer go.

What would it be like to have an endless Summer? Would I be flying to Cortina to escape the sun? Or go scuba diving in cenotes in Mexico? Would I then long to become a cave enthusiast? Would I become agoraphobic?

I shall make a commitment to spend more time outdoors this Winter, which I had somewhat accomplished this past Winter.

I suppose I should  cherish each season that I’m still alive and healthy. But, dammit, I’m not ready to let Summer go! What is your favorite season? Why? (Sorry, that’s a journal prompt that I recall giving to 8th-graders once!)

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18 thoughts on “Summer, I Don’t Want To You Let Go!

  1. Autumn is normally my favorite season, but over this past year (with my own commitment) I’ve learned to appreciate them all. Still, I’m glad to be circling back around to fall. I may have learned to like and appreciate summer, but it is the autumn that will always have my heart. Winter comes in a close second. Perhaps that’s because I was born in the late fall/early winter.

    Enjoy your commitment. 🙂

  2. It’s a really difficult question to answer! I love Spring and Autumn here in England because of the wonderful light levels, and the changes in Nature, and the colours. I also love Winter because of frosty mornings and snow – although I dislike the short, grey days which accompany the Winter season. I like the freedom of Summer – being able to cast off layers of clothing and taking things slower and being less intense.

  3. I’m an autumn girl I think although I love spring. The summer didn’t feel like it actually go going this year so as I look out on wind & rain, it’s already packed it’s bags and gone!

  4. Well, the fall is upon me so I have no choice in the matter unless I relocate… I like the warmth but the seasonal changes are a rich gift from the gods… 🙂

  5. The best season here in the Philippines is during the first quarter of the year. Cooler days, bright sunshine and no rain. My favorite. Summer, which is baking hot, starts in April.

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